Monday, April 2, 2012

Yet another shoe review for you!

Pretty impressive rhyming post title eh? Anyways, I wanted to share another review from my last shoe purchase. This one I saw from a member who posted about it on the Just Fab facebook page. I liked the photo I saw so I went ahead and bought it. Okay, who am I kidding... I mostly purchaseed this shoe from Just Fab because it shares the same name as me! I've always loved anything with my name and these shoes do not disappoint. I have a top that matches it perfectly and for the first outfit I wore it with skinny jeans and that top with a cute clutch. Second outfit was with white gauchos, a white tank top and a matching blazer and rocked it. My only regret is that I wish I would of went up half a size and it would of been so much more comfortable. I love the shoes though and get tons of compliments. I recently wore them to brunch and everyone loved them. They seem a little small though which is too bad. Like some of the other reviews I have read on JustFab, I hope the leather will stretch however if it doesn't I will be taking it to the shoe repairman to stretch for me. Too cute for me to refuse to wear! Now, most times I buy 2 pairs of shoes and this was no exception. These ones were a bit different... A red hot pair of pumps! Every stylish gal needs to have some hot red pumps in her wardrobe. I have a number of them but one of my favorites are Monica from Just Fab. These are about the 20th pair of shoes that I purchased through Just Fab and I am really really happy with them. They are a great addition to my collection. Yes, I do wear them; they are not just sitting in my closet! Given the fact that the are 5" heels, I was pleasantly surprised at how comfortable they are. I was a little bumed out that they were sold out in pink but you can't go wrong with a fire engine red tone shoe :)

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