Saturday, March 31, 2012

Staying Trendy: It Aint Easy All The Time!

Keeping up to date with ongoing fashion trends can be tough. A lot of people like myself are tuning to online personal stylists in order to keep up to date with changing trends. If you have been reading my blog at all in the past you'll know all about why I love these type of sites that allow anyone access to celebrity stylists and deals on heels.

The shoes they offer are pretty good for the price. I'd have to compare the shoes I get from Just Fab or ShoeDazzle to $100+ shoes that you could find in a retail shop setting.

The last shoe that I ordered from is just what I expected and looks just like the picture on their site. Now I wear 4-5 inch heels all the time and this heel is not for beginners. Although heels can be the same height there are different ways of making it that height. In this case they made the shoe steep. Still comfortable to wear but it takes some time to adjust. Overall I love it and I've been wanting a blush shoe like this forever so I am pleased.

Another nude colored peep toe pump that I bought with this shoe is a darling of a heel too. I forget the name of it, but I will look it up and post later. I am normally a size 7 but the right shoe felt snug so I exchanged for size 7.5. Daphne is such a cute shoe! I recieved so many compliments. She is surprisingly comfortable... Because of the wrapped platform, the heel looks higher than it feels. Your foot just isn't as arched as you would think so it's easy to walk in this shoe and feel comfortable. It feels great, it looks wonderful and looks fabulous with a sleek pair of jeans! I highly recommend this shoe to everyone! Oh and it's a must that you get a really cute dress to wear with them. I wore a cute tan dress, gold earings with a pearl dot in the center of them to accent the gold trip around the shoe. Cute pink make-up to match and cute gold bangles.

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