Friday, March 23, 2012

Looking Fabulous from the Feet UP!

When you want to look fab all day every day, it has to start with the shoes! That's why I love getting hot shoes from internet stores each month and reading blogs to stay up to date with the trends. Some shoes I think I like a little too much :)

Yeah, I wear shoes even if they don't fit and hurt my feet. The last shoe I bought I fell in love with right of the bat. It does not fit me but that could be because I am a size 10 and my feet are somewhat wider than the norm (I don't have sausage feet or anything like that). For others without wide feet this particular shoe might fit perfect, but for me If I were to go out wearing this fabulous looking shoe I would have to take them off within 30 minutes. Plus my toes go over the edges just a tad. So if you were to get this shoe, I would suggest that you go a half to a full size larger

When buying shoes online you want to know as much about them before you buy them. Online personalized shopping make the process a lot easier. If you haven't heard of personalized shopping for shoes before, then you are missing out!

It is a pretty neat idea. There are lots of reviews that you can find online about personalized shopping sites. I have tried a couple pairs from various sites so will review them here for you.

Norma is one shoe that I own. I loved the look of the shoe, but my toe hung over the edge. I was going to send back for larger size but I ran into two problems.

  1. If I went half size bigger I would be afraid there would be a gap in the heel.
  2. They didn't have the larger shoe in stock :(

So I think I might have to exchange them for different style. By the way, ladies... My mom got me the "Lorie" boots for my birthday and I love them too! No issues with them not fitting right or anything like that. These are one of the best pairs of shoes that I own.

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