Thursday, March 29, 2012

My Just Fab Review for You to Read!

If you are looking for reviews on Just Fab then you will for sure want to keep reading. I've mentioned them before but wanted to post a more detailed post about them. When ordering any type of clothing or womens shoes over the internet you will want to hear from other people who have used the website before you. You will be able to see what their customer service is like and more importantly what the quality of the merchandise is that they offer.

Every girls dream is to have their own personal stylist to make them look pretty. Well, now with online shopping becoming more personalized you are closer to this dream than ever. Just Fab is a site that offers your own personalized picks every month and is an interesting idea. Here's my thoughts on the first order that I received from Just Fab:

I only have two complaints about this shoe. The first is that the beading at the top rattles a little bit with each step. Why have a bell around your neck when you can just wear this shoe? My second complaint is that the heel of the shoe is really rough. Despite this, I really like these shoes a lot. They provide great support, they're really classy, and I feel like I can wear them anywhere.

Next up is a style that is a very high heel. Just Fab mostly has these super high heels so I thought I would see if I could even walk in them. This shoe was called Bailey. I went from a size 10 to a full 11 and needed every inch of it. I think the slope is so high down into the toe box that you can't help but feel squeezed. I will use some pads for the balls of my feet to keep the slide at a minimum-but will wear these for years to come. They are CLASSIC. I don't think Bailey will ever go out of style. I am getting purple in this shoe too. Just love it!

Be on the lookout for more posts about Just Fab from me soon!

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